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SR Car is a high performance, viscoelastic coating used to dampen vibration and reduce unwanted noise. SR Car is easily applied to hot rods, cars, trucks or any vehicle with vibration and noise problems. Apply SR Car to wheel wells, rocker and door panels, trunk, firewall and all interior surfaces for a quiet ride. More >

About SR Car

SR Car is a Silent Running product is manufactured and sold by Current Incorporated. Current Incorporated, manufacturer of Silent Running, has been a family owned and operated business since 1962. Current strives on manufacturing the best product on the market at an affordable price. Our office staff is always available to answer any questions, when they do not have the answer, they will find it. Current will always quote promptly and at no obligation. More >

SR Car Products

Silent Running SR Car is a high performance coating used to dampen vibration and reduce unwanted noise. Apply to wheel wells, rocker and door panels, trunks, firewalls and all interior surfaces for a quiet ride. We also sell a SR Car Spray Gun and Bottle that is designed to use with SR Car sound dampening paint. More >

How SR Car Works

SR Car works like a cure for the vibration problem. It actually gets rid of the vibration by converting it into low-grade heat. SR Car is made to stop vehicle vibrations in the body panels, the engine, the suspension, the A/C system and more. With all these unwanted vibrations in check, the vehicle is much quieter on the road. More >

SR Car Technical Data

SR Car is a Water base latex acrylic paint that is viscoelastic, it will not crack, chip or peel. More >

SR Car Customer Testimonials

Read, hear and see what out customers have to say about SR Car through their written testimonials and video submissions. More >

Contact SR Car

Call or email us to learn more about SR Car. More >

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This page has links we think our customers would find beneficial as they research and work on their auto projects. If you would like a suggest a link to us or would like us to include a link to your site, please email us. More >

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