SR Car Technical Data & Properties

Technical Data  
Base: Water base latex acrylic
Solids Content: Approx. 75-80%
Flash Point: >200° F
Weight Wet: 12.9 lbs/G
Dry Film Weight: 0.2 lbs/ft² @ 20 mils DFT
Hardness: Shore D 85
Theoretical Coverage: 30 ft² @ 40 mils wet
Color: Light Gray
Odor (wet): Mild Latex
Odor (dry): None
Gloss: Flat
Density: 2.1 g/mL
VOC Content: 5.735 g/L
Viscosity: 9,600 CPS
Cured Finish: Smooth when sprayed
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Storage: Do NOT allow to freeze!
Dry Time: ~1 hour, 75° F, 50% R.H. @ 12 mil wet film thickness

SR CAR is Viscoelastic, will not crack, chip or peel. Loss Factor (Oberst Vibrating Beam E-756); 0.6 @ 250 Hz, 75° F and a DFT of 40 mils

Surface Prep – Surface should be clean, dry, oil and grease free and lightly abraded for best adhesion.

Mixing – Mix with a paddle type stirrer on a drill at medium speed. Mix to a uniform consistency. Coating is one part, no catalyst is required. Should not need thinning, should thinning be necessary, please consult Technical Support first.

Cleanup – Clean with soap and water while wet. Clean all tools immediately after use. Safety – Use of dust mask, eye protection and gloves recommended. Use in a ventilated space.

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