SR Car Customer Testimonials

Dear Marc and Morgan,

Thank you for the Silent Running sound deadening and heat shield kit. It went on so easy with spray gun supplied. I am not a professional builder, I am a hobby builder, so even for me it was easy.

The finish looks great and really makes the inside of the cab more quiet. This project is not quite done yet, but I'm already thinking of using it on my 55 Thunderbird.

Ron Marchand
Flora, Indiana

Ron photos

Check out this customer supplied video of the restoration of his El Camino.

In the video he compares the sound he gets knocking on the right quarter panel which is treated with SR-CAR to the un-treated left quarter panel.

The difference is obvious, take a listen.

Dear Marc and Morgan,

I met you at the "HotRods and Restoration Show" here in Indianapolis last march. Your "Silent Running" material was particularly interesting because I'm currently building a 1980 Custom El Camino. As you probably know, the 80's cars were built like empty garbage cans with no thought given to the noise levels. I bought one of your kits and applied it to the inside of the new quarter panels and WOW, what a difference.

Before, they sounded like typical hollow sheet metal panels (very noisy) After I applied the Silent Running as directed, it now sounds like you're knocking your knuckles on a piece of half-inch plywood. I have since applied the product to the entire car. (Floors, Doors, Front Fenders etc.) I particularly like the fact that it also seals the surface your coating so it will block corrosion as well as kill unnecessary noise. I hope to see you next year at "Hot Rods and Restoration" and show you the finished product.

Thanks So Much
Neal Ruesch
Owner NR Customs

“I coated the 2 front doors on a 98 Chevy Silverado of a good customer of ours. He said I've got to get more of this stuff. He said the road/wind noise was cut way down and the sound from his door speakers made him think we had put in some new ones.”

Graeme Wyatt
Impact Tint & Audio
Tyler, TX

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